Bryan Cranston Threatens a Young Girl in 'Cold Comes The Night' Trailer


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In just a few short months, Bryan Cranston will end his Emmy-winning turn as chemistry teacher/meth maker Walter White in the AMC series Breaking Bad. Its seems, though, that the eagerly-awaited finale to the series will not end Cranston's career as an on-screen criminal.

The first trailer for a movie titled Cold Comes The Night was released this week, showcasing Cranston in another threatening role. Cranston will play a half-blind Russian gangster who is searching for a pile of money taken by a crooked cop. He takes a hotel owner and her daughter hostage to get the money. The hotel owner is played by Alice Eve, who was introduced to Star Trek fans earlier this summer as Dr. Carol Wallace in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Sure, the Russian accent sounds a bit silly and it's not entirely clear from this preview how the Cranston character's blindness will play a role. However, after the huge success of Breaking Bad, Cranston now likely has a wide variety of projects to choose from. Thriller fans will have to trust that the actor has chosen well with Cold Comes The Night.