Bristol Palin Custody Battle Begins Due To Reality Show

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Bristol Palin has certainly seen some controversy since her reality series, "Life's A Tripp", began airing on Lifetime; before the show even premiered, she had an altercation with a guy in a bar who was not a fan of her mother, and the entire ugly thing was caught on tape. Since then, she's been blasted in the media for some of the things the show reveals about her lifestyle, including the way she handles her 3-year old son Tripp.

This clip from the show, in which Tripp demands to go swimming after a long day of traveling, shows Bristol and her sister Willow trying to discipline him, which ends in the tot calling his aunt a "fa**ot". The two girls catch themselves laughing at him before Bristol admits in a one-on-one interview that she's "doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp".

Apparently Tripp's dad, Levi Johnston, saw the whole thing and isn't taking it lightly. According to TMZ, he's disgusted by his son's behavior and says the child isn't receiving "real" parenting from his mother. To drive his point home, he is filing paperwork to obtain full custody of the boy ASAP.

"I love my son more than anything ... and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way," he said.

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