'Bound by Flame' Combat, Enemies Teased in Trailer


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Last month, developer Spiders unveiled its latest RPG project, Bound by Flame. The game is a fantasy RPG due out for the PlayStation 4 in which players take on the role of a mercenary possessed by a flame demon. By giving in to the power of the demon or rejecting it, players will level up in different skill trees. Decisions will also alter game scenarios, possibly including encounters. Bound by Flame will have enemies that include shadow dragons, liches, the undead, and unnamed ice creatures.

Given that the skill tree system in Bound by Flame is similar to that seen in Mars: War Logs, it's a safe bet that the combat will also be similar. Spiders is claiming that the game's combat is "rich and spectacular," and has released a teaser trailer showcasing its vision for the game:

Judging from Spiders' last project, Mars: War Logs, Bound by Flame probably won't be a genre-defining, next-gen spectacle the way The Witcher 3 is expected to. However, Spiders is developing games, and western RPGs in particular, in that wide space left open between large-budget triple-A titles and the burgeoning indie market. If the developers have a good story to tell, provide an interesting setting, and manage to tighten gameplay to the level implied in the trailer, they might be able to carve out a niche for $20 to $30 console RPGs.