Bonnie and Clyde's Guns Are Going Up for Auction

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If you're a history collector with a slant towards criminals and organized crime, then you may be interested to know that two handguns owned by notorious robbers Bonnie and Clyde will be up for auction this September. The firearms are a part of an event dedicated to weapons and items connected to a wide variety of gangsters, and they're not going for cheap. Prospective buyers can expect to shell out between $100,000 and $200,000 a piece for the guns.

"They were pretty famous in their moment and I think that's lasted through time," said RR Auction vice president Bobby Livingston.

The aforementioned weapons were recovered from the still-warm bodies of the doomed couple following the 1934 ambush by police which ultimately claimed their lives. Bonnie's revolver was retrieved from her inner thigh, which was held in place with medical tape. Clyde's handgun, meanwhile, was pulled from his waistband. The fact that these items were recovered from their corpses is sure to hold quite a bit of appeal for history buffs.

In addition to the weaponry, prospective bidders can also toss some money at a letter Clyde wrote to his brother L.C. Barrow on the back of a photograph. The gangster's gold pocket watch, Bonnie's cosmetics case, and a brown leatherette box will also be on the auction block should someone decide to add these items to their collection.

All of these amazing pieces are coming from the private collection of Robert E. David, a collector who acquired an assortment of Bonnie and Clyde-related relics from Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, one of the men who participated in the bloody ambush. Additionally, some of the items were obtained from Clyde's sister, Marie Barrow.

In case you were wondering, the two young hooligans are thought to have committed 13 murders and scores of robberies during the 1930's. As word of their crime spree began to spread, so did their popularity, which ultimately made staying out of the public eye a little difficult for the duo. Even after 80 years, the legend of the lovestruck outlaws still manages to capture the imagination of those who are fascinated with the lives of gangsters.