Black Friday Deals vs. Cyber Monday Deals - Which Are Better?


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Looking for the best Black Friday deals this year? Stores are starting to make Black Friday sales happen earlier and earlier every year. This year, many stores such as Wal-mart are offering their big sales on Thanksgiving Day instead of the day after. Not only are these sales taking place on the holiday, but during what is considered dinner time for most families.

If you want to get in on the good deals this year, you better forget about taking that after-dinner nap, relaxing on the couch and watching football or spending time with family and friends. You had better eat, get your game face on and get ready to fight the crowd for that big TV or PlayStation 4 console.

But what if there is a way to get great deals on those must-have items without making your Thanksgiving dinner more of a Thanksgiving breakfast or rushing out the door as soon as you eat. What could this holiday saving event be? Why Cyber Monday of course.

If you don't already know about Cyber Monday, it is the Monday after Thanksgiving when online retailers offer their products at special prices. Often, the deals found online during Cyber Monday are just as good as those offered during Black Friday, and sometimes even better.

Electronics are popular Cyber Monday item and you can often find tablets, computers, smartphones, gaming systems and other gadgets at the lowest prices of the year. Clothing deals are also available during Cyber Monday and are usually better than the ones found on Black Friday. The best part about Cyber Monday is that you don't even need to leave your home to get these deals. You can shop in your pajamas, on your computer while eating your leftovers.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.