'Beyond: Two Souls' Mobile Controller App Released


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Sony today announced that the "Beyond Touch" app for the recently released Beyond: Two Souls is now officially out for both iOS and Android.

Though recent attempts at the much-touted second screen experience for video games have featured game tie-in mini games or completely separate experiences, the Beyond Touch app simply offers another way to play Beyond: Two Souls. Players can forego the PlayStation 3's DualShock controller and play through the entire game using a smartphone or a tablet.

The app also includes support for the game's "Duo Mode," which allows two players to play Beyond at once. Players can choose to play either protagonist Jodie or her ephemeral sidekick Aiden with either a DualShock controller or a mobile device. Two mobile devices or two DualShock controllers will also be options for the "Duo Mode."

Developer Quantic Dream's games have consistently been some of the easiest for non-gamers to play. Director David Cage's obvious cinematic inspiration has created games full of quick time events and choices. The studio's previous game, Heavy Rain, had few ways that players could truly fail. Sony is promising that the Beyond Touch app will make the gameplay in Beyond: Two Souls even easier, going so far as to say the app has been designed to be "accessible to non-console gamers who don't feel comfortable using a DualShock controller." This means that Sony is hoping the story-heavy Beyond and a simplified touch interface could pull in casual gamers not used to playing big-budget console exclusives.

(Image courtesy Google Play)