Batman V Superman: Some Surprising Plot Details Have Emerged


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The latest Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice news should result in a fresh round of excitement and discussion among fans.

The movie enjoyed a great deal of buzz following the San Diego Comic Con thanks to a leaked trailer and first look at Wonder Woman.

Now fans are asking what exactly should they look forward to when the movie is released in March 2016.

While the movie is said to draw heavily from comic book miniseries The Dark Knight Returns, director Zack Snyder claims that the movie will NOT be a shot-for-shot remake.

As for plot details, some interesting tidbits emerged recently.

Firstly, fans will be happy to know that what was shown at Comic Con wasn't pointless test footage that leads nowhere.

Superman and Batman will indeed duke it out on the big screen for the first time ever!

This information should no doubt result in #TeamBatman and #TeamSuperman trending topics. That and plenty of speculation as to which superhero will emerge from their fight the undisputed victor.

I do not wish to go on record as saying who I think will win in the end, but I will say that no sensible individual would ever underestimate Batman.

Secondly, while we know there will be an epic battle between Batman and Superman, one is left to wonder exactly how the villainous Lex Luthor will factor in.

Will we see the Man of Steel and Dark Knight beat each other to bloody pulpsand then join forces against a greater evil?

Marvel movie fans will no doubt say, “We’ve seen it before!"

Finally, it's rumored that we could get a Robin cameo of some sort. With so many members of the Justice League already pegged to make an appearance, it’s not too surprising.

What may be surprising to some fans is the gender of the character that could turn up on screen. In The Dark Knight Returns, Batman’s side-kick is a young girl named Carrie Kelley.