Bald Eagle Egg Hatches in Pittsburgh, Watch Live

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No one can deny this is a great story.

A bald eaglet has hatched in Pittsburgh's Hays neighborhood along the Monongahela River. The little eaglet was first spotted thanks to an "eagle-cam" about 2:30 p.m. Friday.

There are two more eggs in the nest and faithful followers of the eagle-cam are patiently waiting for two more little eaglets to join the family.

The first egg was laid on Feb. 19; the second egg appeared on Feb. 22 and the third —and final egg — was laid on Feb. 25.

It takes an average of 35 days for Bald eagle eggs to incubate.

Experts say it's too early to determine whether it's a girl eaglet or a boy eaglet.

This is the second year in a row the Hays neighborhood bald eagles have raised an eaglet. Last summer, a single eaglet was raised and kicked out of the nest when he was ready to face the big, wide world on his own.

It's been drama galore for watchers of the nest this year. Recently, the female bald eagle had to fight off a raccoon that tried to get to her eggs.

Don't mess with momma!

The bald eagle is the iconic symbol of the United States and has been endangered in years past, but populations are growing steadily.

The live-stream is provided by PixController Inc. and it works with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The stream is featured on the Animal Planet Live website.

Oops... seems there is some competition between eagle watchers in Pennsylvania.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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