'Babymetal' Brings New Music Craze to the USA


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The phrase "Babymetal" has been popping up around the Internet lately, and if you're confused on what it means, you're not alone. The newest music sensation to hit the states comes in the form of three tiny Japanese girls who go by the name "Babymetal." Their names are Su-Metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal, who sing, scream and dance on stage to heavy yet bouncy beat, with plenty of theatrics to boot.

Though Babymetal formed in 2010 (as an off-shoot to Japanese pop group Sakura Gakuin), the trio performed their first US show this July to a sold out crowd, then supported Lady Gaga on a string of her North American tour dates.

"I didn't even know what metal was all about before this," says Su-Metal, 16. "When they told me I'd be doing BABYMETAL, I listened to [metal] and its heavy drums. I thought it was interesting and I imagined the choreography I would do."

Many critics think this new emergence is "contrived" and "gimmicky." Perhaps, although NPR is quick to point out that many metal acts thrive on gimmicky, contrived acts:

Metal is as much about contrivance as it is about substance, and often its best bands have been able to skillfully combine the two. What makes metal so uniquely charming is that the bands and their audiences buy into those contrivances and gimmicks fully, without irony.

Babymetal's self-titled debut was released just this February, and quickly went to the #1 spot on iTunes Metal chart in the US, UK, and Canada. Babymetal is the youngest Japanese group to break into Billboard's 200 chart. Listen to Babymetal for yourself and see if you're on board with the newest music craze: