Awkward Driver's License Photo Goes Viral


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Daniel Mundschau, 37, has always been a self-proclaimed prankster. So, when his "cheesy grin" driver's license expired in 2011, Mundschau wanted to find another humorous pose for his government issued id.

Mundschau took to his Facebook page to ask his friends for some creative ideas. While he first thought about dying his hair, he realized that it would probably be illegal. "I did talk to some police officers," Mundschau said. "They said if I use a wig or makeup it might be considered illegal, that I was altering my appearance. So that's when we decided it had to be my own hair, but whatever we did after that goes."

After much consideration, Mundschau decided that he would alter his appearance to show a shaved-in male pattern baldness. "Proper prep is necessary for the photo to turn out how you want," Mundschau said. Mundschau spent a month growing out his hair to have a "canvas" to work with, and then shaved his head right down the middle to make the illusion that he had gone bald. In his picture he also chose to cross his eyes, and lean his head back to where it would look as though he had a double chin. Mundschau documented the stages of his transformation, with captions, on the popular site Reddit.

"One month of un-checked growth is the canvas to work with."

"A little male pattern baldness."

"I've never been to Tennessee, but if I had...."

"My favorite but I didn't expect to get away with it."

"It was like Christmas when it came in the mail. The only thing left to do was get pulled over!"

As weird as it sounds, Mundschau was excited to get to show off his awkward photo, even if that meant getting pulled over. Since the picture was sent to him, he has been pulled over by police three times. "The first police officer, he didn't bat an eye. It was surprising and disappointing," admitted Mundschau. "But the next two did give me a second look and they found it hilarious."

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Images via Reddit