Asus Confirms New Google Tablet On the Way


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For a few months now there have been rumors that Asus and Google will be releasing a 7-inch Nexus tablet at the upcoming Google I/O conference. Now a report from Android Authority is confirming that the rumors are true. They sat down with an Asus executive over the weekend, and he said that the Google tablet does, in fact, exist. On top of that, he confirmed that it would be available by the end of June.

This really does seem to indicate that the rumors of the I/O conference unveiling are also true. The San Francisco conference wraps up at the end of June, so this can be the only logical conclusion.

Late last week, a few shots of the rumored tablet were supposedly leaked. The tablet is said to have a 7 inch screen and will run on a quad core Tegra 3 processor with 1 gigabyte of RAM. The pictures also revealed a forward facing camera and what appears to be an earpiece similar to a smartphone.

Early rumors also pointed to the possibility of it running on Android 5.0 Jellybean. Later reports are saying that that is false, and it will run on Android 4.1 OS. So the operating system doesn't appear to be getting a complete overhall, but expect to see quite a few changes to the 4.1 OS.

According to Android Authority, ASUS is also in talks with carriers to bring the Padfone to the United States. So far, they all hate it (free data), but AT&T may be willing to give it a try. According to the source, this front is moving slowly.