Artist Carves Portrait Of Mark Zuckerberg Into Books

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The creativity of some artists blows my mind; there are people who were simply built to make things, and some of them take a picture in their mind and turn it into something tangible so well that it makes one wonder why you don't see their work featured more in the media.

Hong Yi--who goes by the name "Red"--is an example of one of those artists. Not only does she create incredible designs, she executes them in original ways that leaves other artists shaking their heads and saying, "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" She has famously used coffee stains for her work in the past, creating a huge tablecloth-portrait using only a coffee cup. It reportedly took over 12 hours to complete, and the amount of painstaking work it would take to create such a piece boggles my mind. I just don't have the patience for something like that. Not only was it tedious work, Yi had to do the entire thing on a flat surface to keep the coffee from dripping down the tablecloth, so she had to constantly be aware of how altered the perspective was. Brilliant.

She also did an amazing piece of basketball star Yao Ming using only red paint and, you guessed it, a basketball.

While her work is undeniably awesome, painting is one thing. Carving a certain amount of pages out of a bunch of books to form one big picture, however, is another.

That's exactly what Yi did recently, using several "Game Of Thrones" books because of their extreme thickness. I wish she'd post a video showing a little bit more of her process, such as how she mapped out where to cut the pages, because I'm very curious to know how she did it. But I suppose if she did that, everyone would be biting her style.

The subject of her portrait was Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and recent newlywed, and as she works you can't see much of what the final picture will look like. In fact, up close it looks like a bunch of random defiled books. But when you step back, the picture emerges, and it's pretty damn cool.

Yi says the inspiration behind the portrait was simple:

"I was in the States last month and wanted to do a portrait of an iconic American...I decided on Mark Zuckerberg and I thought I'd use BOOKS for his portrait, to play around with the words, 'Facebook'."

Amanda Crum
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