'Arkham Origins' DLC Cancelled For Wii U


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Since the launch of the Wii U, arguably the biggest third-party series on the console has been the Batman: Arkham games. The console launched with a well-polished version of Arkham City packed with all the extra content already out for other platforms. Warner Bros. followed that up last year by launching Batman: Arkham Origins on the Wii U, though it now appears that sales were not what the publisher had hoped.

Warner Bros. and Nintendo have announced that the release of further Arkham Origins DLC on the Wii U has been cancelled. According to an email obtained by GoNintendo, the planned campaign add-on DLC for Origins has been cancelled.

Wii U owners who had purchased a season pass for Origins will have their entire purchase refunded. Refunds will show up in customer eShop accounts as a $20 credit.

The DLC has not been cancelled for other consoles or PC. This implies that Warner Bros. determined the cost of porting the content to the Wii U to be higher than any potential sales on that console.

This would stem from the low install base of the Wii U, as well as slow sales of third-party titles on the console. In Nintendo's quarterly results this week the company revealed that fewer than 6 million Wii U consoles have been sold to date. That compares poorly to the over 4 million PlayStation 4 consoles that were sold during the final six weeks of 2013.

The DLC cancellation is yet another blow to the Wii U's third-party lineup. Publishers have recently been leaving the Wii U out of new game announcements or outright canceling their planned Wii U ports of next-gen games.