Apple Wants to Help eRase U2 from Your Memory Altogether

Josh WolfordTechnology

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Last week, Apple put U2's new album on everyone's iTunes library. Despite the fact that it was a "free giveaway" and stuff, people bitched about it. A lot. So many people bitched about it that Apple felt compelled to construct a one-click tool with the sole function of allowing people to remove the U2 album from their iTunes. Moral of the story – nobody likes mandatory U2.

Conan recently wondered whether or not that's enough. What if removing the newest U2 album doesn't really help with the root of the problem – the fact that people still know about U2. People still have memories about U2.

Thankfully, the eRase U2 app is here to help you go all eternal sunshine of the bonoless mind.

Now that's what I call disruptive.

Image via Team Coco, YouTube screenshot

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