Apple Shares Reached All-Time High Today (Twice)


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On the heels of news that Apple's iPhone interest among consumers is sustaining unprecedentedly high levels, Apple can enjoy one more round on the house of good news today: shares of the company briefly surpassed the $427 mark twice today, setting an all-time high for value the company's stock.

Apple Inc. shares have been markedly higher today than they've ever been. The first peak occurred this morning around 10AM EST when shares increased to $427.18. The peak was short-lived as the value quickly dipped down but still hovered well above any previously observed levels. Still, this alone would have been a milestone for Apple but the good news from the NYSE pit wasn't done dishing out the good news yet.

Roughly 45 minutes later, shares of Apple bounced back above the $427 mark and bested the previous record set earlier in the morning by peaking at $427.75. The shares dipped down again but have remained above the $423 watermark throughout the day so far. A screenshot of the rollercoaster thrill road known as Apple Makes Record Amounts Of Money is below.

One has to wonder if ChangeWave's report from earlier today that revealed people have got the iPhone-lust in their eyes more than ever has driven the boost in Apple's shares. Maybe it was the fact this is the five-year anniversary of the first iPhone's debut. Maybe speculators are just excited because it's CES week and anything related to technology and being cool makes people wanna get rich. Maybe it's all of these factors or none of these factors (my money's on the ChangeWave report, really). Whatever the cause, some stock market paladins will have some pretty well-lined coffers at the end of today.