Apple Never Stops Expanding: New Products, New Markets!


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Market capitalization is a term which speaks to the total value (dollar amount) of the tradable (number available) shares of a publicly traded company. Apple has experienced market caps as large as $400 billion. Right now that is bigger than the gross domestic products (market value of all finished goods and services produced within a country in a given period) of Austria, Greece, Argentina, and South America. Still Apple continues to grow.

Currently Apple is considered the eighth most valuable brand in the World. With the recent passing of founder Steve Jobs, some wonder if the Apple Enterprise will continue to grow. A brief look at what's is happening in current events suggests the fear of losing momentum has no basis.

The recent publication of the Siri patent alone reveals some interesting opportunities for growth. A particular item listed on the patent, I'm sure, has many Apple enthusiast excited, is Apple Television. Who wouldn't want a TV that asks you what you want to watch? I know I do and it would definitely be the first of its kind.

Also, current research indicates that iPad, and tablets in general, are growing in consumer popularity (everyone wants one of these things). Not surprising, iPad 3 is on its way sometime this March.

Beside product development and growth in current markets, Apple's popularity has exploded into the Asian marketplace. So we can expect more growth for the company there.

There is no reason to believe Apple won't continue to expand and grow despite the loss of Steve Jobs. The technology that was developed under his leadership appears to have boundless directions for development and integration. This thing isn't slowing down anytime soon!