Apple Might Buy The Team That Created The Kinect [Report]


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The hardware powering Microsoft's Kinect technology was originally created by an Israeli tech firm called PrimeSense. Microsoft has moved on to its own in-house developed hardware, but new reports suggest Apple may now be interested in the firm's hardware.

Calcalist, an Israeli publication with a good track record, reports today that Apple is currently in talks with PrimeSense over whether or not it wants to purchase the company. If it does, it could signal that Apple is planning to integrate motion sensing tech into its next products.

9to5Mac says that motion sensing tech from Apple isn't entirely out of the question as the company has already submitted patents for gesture-based technology. It would most likely be used in the oft-rumored Apple TV or other hardware that would help Apple take over the living room.

Apple has conquered the world of smartphones and tablets, but its current Apple TV hasn't managed to really make a dent in the living room market share yet. Microsoft has way more experience in the space and its Xbox brand is synonymous with living room entertainment for a lot of people. By buying PrimeSense, Apple could be signaling that it's finally serious about taking back some living room market share away from Microsoft.

This is all merely conjecture based on unverified reports for now though. There's good reason to believe that Apple is interested in acquiring PrimeSense, however, as Calcalist has been right regarding other acquisitions of Israeli companies in the past. It's also not too hard to believe that Apple is finally preparing an assault on the living room.