Anthropic’s Claude 3 AI Comes to Google Cloud

Google announced the availability of Anthropic's Claude 3 AI models in its Vertex AI Model Garden....
Anthropic’s Claude 3 AI Comes to Google Cloud
Written by Staff
  • Google announced the availability of Anthropic’s Claude 3 AI models in its Vertex AI Model Garden.

    Anthropic is one of OpenAI’s main competitors and was founded by a former OpenAI exec. Google has invested heavily in the company as part of its effort to catch up with OpenAI and its partner, Microsoft, in the AI space.

    According to the search and cloud giant, Claude 3 will be available in its Vertex AI Model Garden in the coming weeks. Google touted the improvements Claude 3 brings over previous iterations.

    Compared to earlier iterations of Claude, both Claude 3 Opus and Sonnet offer superior reasoning across complex tasks, content creation, scientific queries, math, and coding, while Haiku is Anthropic’s fastest and most cost-effective model. All Claude 3 models boast improved fluency in non-English languages, as well as vision capabilities that unlock tasks ranging from image metadata generation to insights extraction across PDFs, flow charts, and a diverse range of other formats.

    Google emphasized the wealth of AI models it can offer customers, with Anthropic’s offerings being the latest to join the already impressive list.

    Through our partnership, we will bring Anthropic’s latest models to our customers via Vertex AI, the comprehensive AI development platform. The Claude 3 family joins over 130 models already available in Vertex AI Model Garden, further expanding customer choice and flexibility as gen AI use cases continue to rapidly evolve.

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