Anjali Ramkissoon Feels Ashamed For Attacking Uber Driver, Miami Doctor Apologizes On 'GMA'

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Anjali Ramkissoon, the infamous doctor who was caught on video physically and verbally attacked an Uber driver in Miami last week has appeared on TV to apologize for her behavior.

The 30-year-old doctor showed up on Good Morning America and took responsibility for her actions and explained the reason behind the incident.

“I see a person that is not me,” Ramkissoon told GMA host George Stephanopoulos. “I'm ashamed. I still can't watch the entire video.”

She revealed that prior to the altercation, she learned that her father had been taken to a hospital and her boyfriend of two years had broken up with her.

The young neurologist admitted that she had been drinking moments before the squabble. Ramkissoon took another person’s Uber and started to behave violently when the driver refused to drive her. She threw the driver’s belongings out of his car including his cellphone, mail, and receipts.

Watch Anjali Ramkissoon Assault an Uber Driver in Miami

She yelled expletives and tried to kick the driver in the groin as he tried to calm her down.

“It was probably one of the worst days of my life. I was caught at my lowest moment,” Anjali Ramkissoon said admitting that her personal problems were not excuse to behave that way.

Ramkissoon, a fourth year neurology resident at the Jackson Health Systems, was put on paid administrative leave after the video went viral.

“There’s absolutely no excuse for my actions,” she told Stephanopoulos on Wednesday, “I’m ashamed. I’m so sorry. I’ve hurt so many people.”

The Uber driver did not seek any legal action against Ramkissoon. She said they have already settled the issue and that she has apologized to the driver and paid for the damages she caused to his car.

Anjali Ramkissoon Expresses Her Apology on GMA

However, Anjali Ramkissoon was not happy with how people have been reacting over the incident. In a separate interview with Daily Mail Online on Sunday, she claimed people have been harassing her and her family since that night.

“I’m not sure I deserve what’s happening,” she said.

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