Angie Martinez Breaks Her Silence on Hot 97 Departure


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Angie Martinez is opening up about her decision to leave Hot 97.

On Wednesday, June 18, the 43-year-old former rapper and radio personality announced that she was resigning from New York City's ever-popular hip-hop station.

The news definitely came as a shocking surprise to the hip-hop world since Martinez has been with the station for more than 20 years.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Martinez reportedly departed to join rival station, Power 105.1. She took to Twitter to share the news with fans.

Surprisingly, her departure from the notable radio station caused quite a buzz around the Internet, and the reaction was actually much more than Martinez expected.

The big announcement quickly began circulating on the social network and has received more than 3,000 re-tweets to date.

However, Martinez doesn't understand why it's such a big deal. So, now she's weighing in with a response to all of the media attention she's garnered as a result of her decision.

"People keep texting me like this is such a big deal and keep forwarding me links to things," Martinez told Billboard. "I've really tried to keep a quiet mind about it. I'm trying not to read too much of the comments on social media or too much stuff about it in general. It's emotional enough for me, and I just want to look forward and not get too wrapped up in the noise."

Martinez is definitely moving forward, and Clear Channel Media & Entertainment is proud to have her on board. The media outlet also released a statement in regards to Martinez joining their team.

"Angie is the Queen of New York City radio she is an incredible talent who continues to blaze trails and we are excited to have her join the team at Power 105.1 and The Beat in Miami," the statement read. "Angie has a long, successful history and we look forward to expanding her distinctive style and compelling content to more of our listeners.

Martinez gave a brief response, as well. "I want to thank, Thea Mitchem, Tom Poleman and Doc Wynter for this incredible opportunity," she said. "I'm excited to join Power 105.1 in New York and The Beat in Miami and expand my brand even further in the coming months."

Image via Hot 97, Facebook