Android & iPhone Offer Time Square App For NYE


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Watching television can be really tough sometimes. Watching television can be especially tough on New Year's Eve. You gotta open your eyes, look in a direction and continue looking in that direction as you wait for the Times Square ball to drop at the stroke of midnight. Ushering in the infant year can be doubly exhausting if you're sitting on a couch and eating popcorn (or whatever you like to have to munch in the new year). If you happen to fall into this unfortunate category of oppression, a new app for iPhone and Android is here to the rescue.

Now you don't need a TV to livestream the ball-dropping ceremony from Times Square thanks to Times Square Official Ball App. From the description on Android Market:

New Year’s Eve in Times Square LIVE to your phone!

Join millions of revelers around the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2012 LIVE. The Official Times Square Ball App is your exclusive access to be part of the activities in Times Square as you watch the LIVE co-hosted official show featuring A-List musical performances, celebrity appearances, first Times Square Wedding, hourly countdowns and the midnight Ball Drop!

Don’t wait until December 31st to enjoy the Times Square Ball App. Download today!

You can check in with this app via Foursquare, Facebook, or Twitter; obtain directions to Times Square (because NYC can feel like a maze to the uninitiated), and read history trivia about celebrating New Year's Eve in Times Square. The developers also offer a video to demonstrate all the bells and whistles included with this festive app:

I guess this app could be used for peeps who have the untimely luck to be stuck in transit between parties/bars/homes when the ball drops. Trust me, I've been in that crummy position before and it's not a good party. So this could be a useful app for those situations but... I prefer to think that TV is really that difficult to watch.