Amber Riley Wows On "Dancing With The Stars"

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Amber Riley showed us what she's made of on Monday night's premiere of "Dancing With The Stars" and wowed judges with her spot-on performance of the cha-cha with partner Derek Hough, and she did it all while barely breaking a sweat.

"Glee is more grueling [than] DWTS. Trust me," Riley told the judges.

She admits, however, that it won't always be that easy. As the show continues, each week will get progressively harder as each team struggles to outshine one another.

"DWTS is live and it's one take, so this is eventually going to be harder," Riley said. "On Glee, there's cutaways, a take two . . . 11 other people distracting your bad dancing. If you forget something, they can edit it out."

She's off to a good start, however, impressing the judges and receiving a standing ovation from the audience. Len Goodman was particularly taken with Riley, saying, “I’m palpitating, perspirating and flatulating. I’m telling you, week one and you come out to dance like that? Incredible, full on, flat out fabulous.”

But her natural talent might come back to bite her in the end; Hough says now that he's seen what she's capable of, he's only going to push her harder.

"I saw right away she was really good at maintaining the things I was teaching her. She would come in the next day and have retained that information," Hough said "We were able to get better and better. I'm going to whoop her a-- now!"

Amanda Crum

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