Amanda Bynes Still In Mental Health Facility, Won't Be Charged For Fire

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Amanda Bynes reportedly won't be charged for starting a fire at an elderly woman's home in Sherman Oaks on Monday, according to police.

Bynes, who has been displaying disturbing behavior over the past year, allegedly sat in the woman's driveway and poured gasoline onto it before setting it aflame. Her dog was apparently splashed with the gasoline and was burned, and her own pants were beginning to burn before help arrived. Police took her to a mental health facility, where she is currently being held involuntarily. Witnesses say they don't believe she even knew where she was.

"I have no idea what she was doing," said Bonnie Braaten, the owner of the home. "I don't even think she has an idea what she was doing."

Rusty Selix, executive director of the Mental Health Association of California, said that now a determination must be made as to what sort of mental issues Bynes might be suffering from before they can make a move to give her medication or hold her longer than 72 hours.

"For someone to be admitted, a judicial proceeding takes place and someone has to make a finding that the person is a danger to themself or others ... [with the act of] setting fires in a driveway it is not problem to make that determination," he said. "You have to determine that it's a result of mental illness and there's usually a second order to medicate the person with or without their consent."

Bynes has had several arrests in the past year--both in L.A. and New York--and has documented a sort of spiral into a breakdown on Twitter, where she's amassed millions of followers. So far, her parents have not released a public statement about her behavior or troubles.

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