Amanda Bynes: Parents Dropping Conservatorship?

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Amanda Bynes has reportedly been released from her psychiatric hold and has been spotted wandering around Hollywood. Now it seems her parents may also be dropping the conservatorship a court granted them over their daughter in the midst of her most recent bout of erratic behavior.

Sources told that Amanda Bynes has made death threats against both of her parents, and for that reason they plan to drop their conservatorship and move back to Texas. Bynes has siblings in Texas, too, and they fear for their lives as well as for their parents' well being.

It was just yesterday that Amanda Bynes tweeted that she has bipolar disorder. She told followers that she was both taking prescribed medication for the mental illness as well as seeing a psychiatrist.

Bynes also tweeted a series of rants that clearly pertain to the present situation between her and her parents.

It's beyond obvious in reading these tweets posted by Amanda Bynes that the young woman needs some serious help. If she is on her medication then it may need to be altered. And if she has truly made death threats to her parents, then perhaps she isn't fit to be back out on the streets.

Mental illness is a terrible disease, but can typically be controlled with the right combination of medication and therapy. Too often, however, patients won't stick it out until that right combination is discovered or they simply refuse to take their meds. Hopefully someone can help Amanda Bynes find some balance before she either hurts someone else or herself.

Kimberly Ripley

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