Amanda Bynes Declared Competent For Trial

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Amanda Bynes, the troubled former child actress who acted out a series of bizarre incidents earlier this year before being placed on involuntary psychiatric hold, has been declared mentally competent enough to stand trial for a DUI arrest from last year.

Bynes had several run-ins with the law during 2012 but made headlines with her Twitter account and odd behavior in public, which came to a disturbing end over the summer when she allegedly set a fire in a stranger's driveway in California, singing her own dog in the process, and was put in psychiatric care. Her parents fought for and won a conservatorship for the duration of her hospital stay, which is reported to come to an end in December.

Bynes' actions--especially her Twitter posts--were found both humorous and sad by many. The young actress claimed on the micro-blogging site that she was "addicted to plastic surgery" and began calling out several celebrities--including Drake, Miley Cyrus, and the Obamas--for being "ugly". She also showed up to her court dates in wild wigs and was arrested in New York City over the summer for possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence after she threw a bong out a window.

The actress was originally supposed to attend court in September, but her attorney had her case referred to the mental health court due to her hospitalization, saying she wasn't able to stand trial.

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