Amanda Boyd Allegedly Cheated With Tiger Woods, Affair Caused Divorce From Pro Golfer Jason Dufner

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Renowned pro golfer Tiger Woods, who is labeled as a serial cheater, is at it again as tabloids report that he is dating Amanda Boyd.

Boyd, 27, is the ex-wife of Woods' friend and fellow golfer Jason Dufner. The two divorced in April due to “incompatibility of temperament."

According to Boyd and Dufner’s divorce papers which they filed on March 16, they have suffered an “irretrievable breakdown of marriage.”

While Woods remains the speculated reason for Boyd’s divorce, the facts are still unclear.

Additionally, Boyd is allegedly the reason Woods and his former girlfriend Lindsey Vonn broke off their two-year relationship in May.

This allegation sparked up when The National Enquirer said that Boyd and Woods became an item after “flirting on the tour circuit”.

The tabloid also reported that they have been together for several months already and their relationship is now serious.

The National Enquirer further claims that their source is sure that Woods was involved with Boyd even while he was still dating skier Lindsey Vonn.

Following the tabloid reports, Woods' agent Mark Steinberg, spoke up and denied the supposed relationship between Boyd and Woods.

“Absolutely 100% false,” Steinberg said in his email to FOX411 when asked about the issue. When asked to elaborate, his answer was crisp: “Complete lie and fabrication.”

This may be what Woods’ agent claims, but who can blame the people who believe he is with Boyd? After all, this wouldn't be his first act of infidelity.

In 2009, he admitted to cheating on his ex-wife Elin Nordegen with several women. While this ended up costing him $110 million in a divorce settlement, apparently he is not yet done.

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