Alec Baldwin Is 'Back on Twitter'

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Last Saturday, Alec Baldwin let fans know that he has resumed his account on Twitter.

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Although only Baldwin may know the real reason why he closed his Twitter account only to reopen it a month later, many speculate that it may have something to do with his highly-publicized removal from an airplane last month.

Apparently Baldwin refused to acknowledge a flight attendant's request that he put up his game of Words with Friends. His insubordination led to an embarrassing scene, in which the plane turned around - back towards the gate - in order to remove Baldwin from the flight.

In typical Baldwin fashion, he took to Twitter with a slew of snarky remarks against the airline and its flight attendants.

However, not everybody who read Baldwin's self-justified tweets felt sympathy for the actor. In fact, he almost lost his deal with Wegman's as a result of his shenanigans.

Thankfully, Baldwin has kept his deal with Wegman's, is reported to have renewed his contract with NBC for the upcoming season of 30 Rock, and continues to tweet whatever is on his mind.

This just in: Baldwin continues to voice his annoyance over flight-related issues, as seen here in his latest Tweet:

@hilariathomas: I hate airplane delays. This is the smallest airport ever”
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