Al Roker Didn't Wake Up America Tuesday


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There are morning people in this world, and one of the most well-known is Al Roker, but it seems he had a case of the Monday's, on Tuesday.

Apparently Roker overslept and was unable to record Wake Up With Al for The Weather Channel, but made it for Today. This is the first time in his 39-year career that he's missed work. Once Roker realized what happened, he took to Twitter. Not exactly what most people do if they miss work.

Roker even posted a video on Vine once he was at Today, poking fun at himself, and yawning on set.

Even Today made light of the subject of Al oversleeping and missing his other job.

The morning show gang even brought the topic up.

Twitter wasn't just getting action from Roker about his oversleeping, and the buzz didn't get past him.

Some people even used Roker's misstep for a bit of promotion. WBTL-TV 11 in Baltimore, Maryland told viewers to download their alarm clock app so they never find themselves in the same position.

And McDonald's told Roker they'd be happy to wake him up everyday so this doesn't happen again.

It seems Roker wasn't the only one who missed their wake-up call this week. Apparently Today's third hour co-host Willie Geist overslept on Monday.