TikTok Is Clearly the Pandemic Winner
TikTok Improves Privacy Protections For Children

TikTok has announced a number of changes aimed at improving privacy protections for children on its platform.

Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker
Mozilla CEO Calls For More Transparency to Combat Online Hate

In the wake of President Trump’s ban from Twitter, Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker is calling for more transparency from internet platforms.

Twitter Safety
Twitter Bans Trump Permanently

Twitter has banned President Trump from its platform permanently, following an initial ban of 12 hours.

Social Media - Image by Thomas Ulrich
Social Media Under Fresh Fire After Mob Storms Capitol

Social media is under fresh fire in the wake of what is being called an “insurrection,” after a mob stormed the US Capitol.

Twitter + Breaker - Credit Breaker
Twitter Buys Breaker, the Social Podcasting App

Twitter has bought Breaker, bringing the social podcasting app in-house at a time when podcasting is more popular than ever.

Facebook App
Facebook On Target For 50% Market Penetration Latin America

Facebook’s growth may have slowed in recent years, but the pandemic is driving it to new heights in Latin America.

US Government Appeals TikTok Injunction

In the latest twist of the never-ending saga, the US government is appealing an injunction against its TikTok ban.

TikTok App
TikTok Sending Job Applicant Personal Data to China

TikTok has experienced another embarrassing privacy issue, with the revelation it is sending the personal data of job applicants to China.

FTC Logo
FTC Demands Answers From Big Tech on Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued orders to nine social media and video platforms, inquiring about their data practices.

Twitter Screen - Image by Photo Mix
Twitter Buys Squad, App That Enables Hanging Out Virtually

Twitter has acquired the startup responsible for Squad, the app designed to help people hang out virtually.