Google has done it again, firing another high-profile Black woman — only this time the very woman it hired to increase Black recruitment.
Google Employees Say Bard AI Is ‘Cringe-Worthy,’ Could Lead to ‘Injury or Death’

Google’s employees continue to criticize the company’s AI efforts, calling Bard AI “cringe-worthy” and saying its answers could lead to “serious injury or death.”

Samsung S22 Ultra
Samsung May Default to Bing, Sending Google Into a Panic

The cracks in Google’s search dominance are beginning to show, with Samsung considering making Bing the default on its devices.

Social Media - Image by Thomas Ulrich
Russians Boast 99% Success Rate With Fake Online Accounts

Russian operators are getting much better at manipulating social media, boasting their fake accounts are only detected roughly 1% of the time.

AI-Powered Bing - Credit Microsoft
AI Helps Drive Bing Across the 100M Daily User Threshold

Bing has hit an important milestone, thanks to an AI-driven boost, now boasting 100 million Daily Active Users.

Brave Search
Mini-Review: Brave Search Introduces AI-Powered Summarizer

Brave Search has unveiled its latest feature, the AI-powered Summarizer, which is designed to give users quick answers.

Welcome to the new Bing
Users Can Now Adjust Bing AI’s Personality

Microsoft has added a major new feature to its Bing AI, allowing users to choose how they want the AI to behave.

Google Plex
DOJ Says Google Misled It, “Systematically Destroyed” Messages

The Department of Justice says Google “systematically destroyed” messages and misled the agency about its actions.

AI-Powered Bing - Credit Microsoft
It’s Official: Bing Is Cool, and Google Search Is In Trouble

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing represents an existential threat to Google’s search, with early reports suggesting Google may be in serious trouble.

AI-Powered Bing - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Expands AI Bing Preview to Mobile Apps & Skype

Microsoft has expanded its AI-powered Bing preview, incorporating it in Bing and Edge mobile apps, as well as Skype.

Google Chrome iPad
Google Reportedly Pays Apple for Chrome Search Revenue on iOS

In what is sure to be a problem for both companies, an alleged secret non-compete agreement has come to light involving Chrome on iOS.