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Walmart Now Delivering Groceries Directly Into The Fridge
“We've got 4,700 stores within ten miles of 90 percent of the US population,” says Walmart Ecommerce CEO Marc Lore. “We've started doing pickup ...
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Salesforce Co-CEO Says U.S. Needs National Privacy Law
Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block has come out in favor of a national privacy law, according to CNBC. Privacy is becoming one of the biggest battlegrounds...
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Google May Buy Salesforce To Help Bolster Its Cloud Business
According to Business Insider, RBC Capital Markets believes Google may purchase Salesforce and use it to better take on Amazon and Microsoft. Google i...
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Craigslist Finally Releases Its Very Own, Official iOS App
“Better late than never” goes the old saying. Of course, well over a decade late may be pushing it a bit. Craigslist doesn’t appear to have gott...
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Lowe’s Goes the DIY Route For Software Development
Lowe’s slogan is “do it right for less.” While that primarily applies to home repair and improvement, the company is also applying it to the wor...
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Salesforce Launches Single Souce of Truth | Benioff: A Computer Science Holy Grail
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says that Salesforce is now entering the fourth stage of computing, the pursuit of Single Source of Truth. The official na...
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Salesforce Dreamforce 2019: Update on Einstein and AI’s Role
Salesforce executives took the stage at Dreamforce 2019 to provide an update on Salesforce Einstein and the tremendous success it has been. Marco Casa...
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Salesforce Launches Sustainability Cloud Ahead of Climate Week 2019
Climate change has been in the news, with people on both sides of the issue debating what should or shouldn’t be done. In the meantime, companies la...
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The Agreement Cloud Is Going To Be The Next Big Cloud, Says DocuSign CEO
The new cloud opportunity that we see is in the Agreement Cloud, says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer. It is going to be the next big cloud because we think...
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Huge Wave Of Digital Transformation, Says Salesforce CEO
“There's a huge wave of digital transformation,” says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. “A lot of these different technologies are coming together....
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How Non-Amazon Retailers “Leaned Into” Prime Day To Increase Sales
“Retailers and brands took advantage of the buzz, the demand, the awareness, that Amazon has created and really rode that wave for great growth,” ...
Read More Opens World’s Largest B2B Marketplace To US Businesses
Today is a great day for US small businesses. Manufacturers and wholesalers can join today to sell to the world. The platform is now open ...
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We’ve Seen Active Buyers Consistently Grow, Says eBay CEO
“The most important thing that we look at is the underlying health of the marketplace,” says eBay CEO Devin Wenig. “For me, that really comes do...
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There’s So Much Investor Subsidy In The Delivery Business Model, Says Domino’s CEO
“What we're going to see here in the near term is that there's so much investor subsidy into that (delivery) business model right now,” says Domin...
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Virtual Restaurants Helping Power Uber Eats Growth
“Virtual restaurants is a very interesting initiative,” says Uber Eats EMEA head Rodrigo Arevalo. “Basically by leveraging the data on our platf...
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Salesforce Commerce Page Designer – Creates Experiences With Clicks Not Code
“We have something brand-new we call the Commerce Page Designer,” says Mike Micucci, CommerceCloud CEO at Salesforce. “It allows you to create e...
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There’s Been No Salesforce of Security, Says CrowdStrike CEO
“There really hasn't been a foundational cloud company born from the ground up in the cloud,” says CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz. “There's been n...
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Tableau With Salesforce Supercharges Our Organizations, Says Salesforce CEO
“The third cornerstone of digital transformation is the analytics and the visualization and the business intelligence to see everything in your comp...
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Salesforce Now Has 1.4 Million Learners On Trailhead
You can learn all the technical skills to be successful in this Salesforce ecosystem. Our customers are just on there at an incredibly high rate. We h...
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The Power is Going From Companies To Consumers, Says Drift CEO
“The most important thing for us and the reason we exist is that all the power is going to all of us, the buyers and consumers,” says Drift CEO Da...
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