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Salesforce Wants to Buy MuleSoft, $6.5 Billion Offered for Acquisition
In today’s ultra-competitive business environment where customer satisfaction is key to success, every company needs to have a proper Customer Relat...
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Google Adwords Introduces ‘Chat Rate’ Metric for Click-to-Message Ads
To get the most out of marketing campaigns, it is sometimes necessary to do some tweaking and fine tuning before your ads connect with their targeted ...
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Salesforce Acquires CloudCraze, a B2B eCommerce Software Startup
Salesforce has added another tool to their CRM applications with its upcoming acquisition of CloudCraze, a Chicago-based eCommerce platform. The news ...
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Quick Guide to Choosing the Right CRM Software for Your Business
Building and maintaining positive relationships with customers is a key factor in a company’s success, regardless of what industry or niche it&#...
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4 CRM Trends to Watch Out for in 2018
There’s no denying that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has changed a lot since the 1990s. These days, CRM software is the go-to...
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5 Ways to Use PopUps to Drive eCommerce Conversion
Popups – you either love them or hate them. But no one can deny how essential they are to eCommerce businesses. When used correctly, popups can give...
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Salesforce Has a New Partner, and Its Name is Google
Google and Salesforce have come to an agreement, one that will see the former’s G Suites productivity apps directly integrated with the latter&#...
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Amazon Announces Cloud-Based Contact Center Service
Amazon has released Connect, a contact center as a service hosted in the AWS cloud. The service is based on the same contact center technology Amazon ...
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LinkedIn Makes Spamming Contacts Easy With Conversation Starters… Fun!
LinkedIn added Conversation Starters to their messaging platform, making contacting people you never speak to so easy, even a fifth grader can do it! ...
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Facebook’s Creative Hub Helps Businesses Make Effective Ads
Facebook has launched Creative Hub, a platform for its mobile advertisers to learn, create and share ad media. Creative Hub is billed as “a new ...
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Google’s DoubleClick Bringing Video to Native Ads
Google’s DoubleClick announced today the ability to include video with both mobile and desktop native ads. This is important considering that mo...
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Skype Becomes More Seamless For Business–No Login Required
Microsoft’s Skype did something very smart today, it made it possible to use Skype in guest mode and with that eliminated a choke spot for using...
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Facebook Cancels Racial Targeting For Certain Advertisers
Facebook announced today that it no longer will allow advertisers marketing products and services related to housing, credit or employment to target t...
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Facebook’s Audience Network Ad Platform is All About Conversions
Since Facebook’s Audience Network ad platform was launched, they have always been about differentiating themselves from Google Adsense by focusi...
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Google Adsense Team on How to Stay Compliant
The Google Adsense team posted this morning what they consider to be the 8 most important best practices for not violating Adsense policies and to kee...
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Pinterest Grows to 150 Million Users, Up 50 Million in Last Year
Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, having gone from 100 Million monthly users in September 2015 to 150 million today. Pinterest is also losing...
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Google Buys FameBit, Sees Branded Content as Essential to YouTube
Google has purchased FameBit, a technology and marketing platform that helps brands link up with social media stars on YouTube and Twitter. This is pa...
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Facebook Expands Canvas Marketing Opportunities
Canvas is Facebook’s mobile marketing platform for companies wanting to present a more immersive experience to potential customers. It’s a...
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500,000 Businesses Now Advertising on Instagram
Instagram says that it now has 500,000 advertisers on its platform. “Today, we’re excited to announce there are more than 500,000 advertisers ...
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CRM MATCHING: What Advertisers Aren’t Being Told About Scale
Given the “who’s who” list of platforms offering it, CRM matching has truly arrived. And why not? CRM matching is arguably the most advanced way...
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