Google Home Page
Google Backtracks on Misleading Search Results

Google is apparently walking back a recent search redesign that made it difficult to distinguish…

psychology of color in marketing
The Power of Color Psychology in Marketing

There is a definitive power in the psychology of color in marketing. Be mindful of the colors you choose for your brand.

Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

There are a variety of reasons as to why your content is not ranking. Learn some ways that you can achieve success below.

Apple Business Connect - Credit Apple
Apple Launches Apple Business Connect, Giving Business More Control

Apple has launched Apple Business Connect, a new way for businesses to customize how their information is displayed across the company’s apps.

Retailers Should Focus On The Last Mile, Says Justuno CEO
Retailers Should Focus On The Last Mile, Says Justuno CEO

Brand growth expert Austin Brawner of Ecommerce Influence interviewed Justuno CEO Erik Christiansen about conversion optimization

Meta Logo - Image by KNFind
Meta Fined Another $414 Million Over Online Ads

The European Union has once again fined Meta, this time to the tune of $414 million, over forcing ads on individuals.

WhatsApp Group Chat
No Ads In WhatsApp for the Foreseeable Future

WhatsApp users can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now, with the latest report indicating WhatsApp is not bringing ads to the platform.

Google Search on Android - Image by Pexels
Google Ad Manager Is Back Up After an Outage

Google had a major outage with its Google Ad Manager late Thursday evening, before fixing it more than two hours later.

A Guide to YouTube Advertising

In order to be successful at YouTube advertising, you’ll need a good guide to get there. More in the article below.

Amazon Flex Driver
Amazon’s Advertising Unit the Latest to Suffer a Headcount Freeze

Amazon’s advertising unit is freezing its headcount as the company deals with economic headwinds impacting the industry.