How Content Marketing Has Changed For Major Brands In The Last Decade

Take a look at how content marketing has changed for major brands in the last decade in the narrative below....
How Content Marketing Has Changed For Major Brands In The Last Decade
Written by Staff
  • Content marketing has changed immensely over the last decade for major brands. Google search engine algorithm changes have driven a number of new tactics that are used. The time of producing mass amounts of content and then publishing them on websites made just to build links is over. The tactics can generate some results but the search engine giant has thwarted most efforts to game the system by digital marketing professionals. 

    A shift towards quality content started a decade ago with the Google Penguin update which saw a number of link networks fall. Even huge brands like that of Expedia were outed for breaking rules outlined by the Google Webspam Team. Penalties were handed out to so many different brands with some seeing revenue from online sources all but halt. The platforms that are used to promote content have even changed along with tactics that work. The following will outline how content marketing has changed for major brands in the last decade. 

    Expanding The Reach Of Content Via Outreach

    Airbnb was a relatively new company when it embarked on a content marketing campaign that helped them gain massive amounts of exposure. The economic impact webpages that were generated helped build thousands of backlinks and landed on some of the most popular online publications like Huffington Post and BBC News. The name has since become synonymous with short-term rentals around the world. 

    Other brands that used content to come out of the dark ages include T-Mobile. The brand used to be known for disposable phones that were often low-quality. Content marketing was a huge part of the communication giant’s online strategy. Partnerships made in the last decade have also been highlighted along with an improved network which makes T-Mobile an option for more consumers. 

    Email outreach can be so important to track as it can be the lifeblood for a business whether reaching out for sales or marketing reasons. Using data to hone pitches can help the company in a variety of departments. A/B testing along with automated emails to help entice responses can easily be set up in a matter of minutes. Open rates along with response rates can help test subject lines against one another along with content in the body of the email. Finding a digital marketing agency that can help build backlinks along with relationships with publishers can be invaluable down the road. Digital marketing trends of 2023 are far different than in 2013 which is imperative to understand. 

    Instagram And Twitter

    Instagram is used by so many businesses to help humanize their staff. Customers might only see a specific email or have heard a voice. Putting a name with a face and voice can be very important in terms of building rapport. Companies show their cultures to help attract new customers along with top talent in their niche of business. Instagram has also been used by some brands like that of Taco Bell to entertain. The Taco Bell Instagram and Twitter accounts are among the most popular in fast food. Wendy’s is also quite popular due to the quips the account makes in response to overly negative comments. 

    Twitter has always been a bit of a wildcard due to various policies instated at the social media juggernaut. The promotion of content through the intelligent use of hashtags has become second nature for those managing social media accounts. Scheduling of Tweets is easily done while the rest of the job might be to respond to relevant accounts along with posts on company content published. 


    A decade ago there was Vine which took the world by storm. The social media platform that allowed users to share short videos had a short lifespan though. TikTok emerged years later but has been clouded with a number of questions due to the involvement of the Chinese government with the company. Executives of TikTok have been brought before Congress in recent months due to the growing concern over data privacy for US citizens. Businesses that rely on a large number of sales or leads from TikTok need to diversify their approach. A ban of the social media app has been looming and could cripple businesses that rely on it too heavily. 

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing has garnered a poor reputation in some niches due to influencers that are willing to promote any product regardless of quality on their accounts. Influencers that have built a solid reputation along with a community of followers generate more results than that of mega-influencers. Platforms are available that show the results of the previous campaigns influencers have had with a brand. Content created for a brand can have the involvement of the influencer or be completely scripted by the brand.

    Content marketing will continue to change as more data is introduced into the mix. Take the time to assess your business’ content marketing strategy to see where it can be modified to improve ROI.

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