Adding Street Fighter's Chun-Li To Fail Compilation Videos Wins

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If ever anything was meant to be collected and presented in a compilation video, it's people failing on a day-to-day basis. I mean, is it right to laugh at the misfortune of others? No, but who cares, especially when it's in video format. No one can judge you if you're laughing from the safety of your own home/office/cubicle, right? To give you an idea of just how popular fail videos truly are, when you search for that simple term, there are over 12 million results. Have fun sifting through that particular morass.

With that in mind, if you want your video to succeed, it has to stand out and grow some viral wings. One tried and true way to do that is to add some remix flavor to the proceedings in the hope that your creativity catches the eyes of blogs and web news sites around the globe. Using a popular video game character in your remix never hurts, either. Just ask the guys at ParodiePub. You might recognize the name from the "Blanka is a Troll" videos, a series that clearly demonstrates the creator's love for Street Fighter characters.

As the title suggests, in their latest video, the group placed another popular Street Fighter character, Chun-Li, in the middle of the action, and let's just say she doesn't take kindly to people making fun of her powerful thighs. Observe:

While we're a little late to the party--the video was posted two weeks ago and has almost 1 million views--it's the thought that counts. And hey, if you haven't seen it, it's still new to you. Whatever the case, I truly hope this isn't the first time we see Chun-Li wreaking havoc on those who were foolish enough to be in a position of failure while in her presence.

[Lead image via Dual Shockers]