Abigail Hernandez Waited A Week To ID Her Captor

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Abigail Hernandez was kidnapped and held for nine months at the mercy of her captor, Nate Kibby.

The then 14-year-old New Hampshire girl didn't make it home from school on an October afternoon in 2013. Abigail Hernandez returned home in July of this year.

She then held off on telling police who her captor was for an entire week. Abigail Hernandez made a sketch for them, but later confessed to her mother that she knew who and where Kibby was.

Zenya Hernanadez, Abigail's mother, told investigators that her daughter "had confided in her, telling her that she did not provide law enforcement with all the necessary information and furthermore, knew who her captor was."

This new revelation became known on Wednesday when a judge responded to a motion filed by The Associated Press to unseal the arrest warrant affidavit against Nathaniel Kibby.

It was also revealed that Abigail Hernandez learned his name from a cookbook that Kibby gave her during her captivity. It had his name written on it.

Not much else was revealed about Abigail Hernandez's time in captivity because big parts of the documents were whited out.

However, the lawyers hired by Abigail Hernandez's family said in August that she suffered "numerous acts of unspeakable violence" during her months of captivity.

That was in addition to a plea to the public for privacy for Abigail Hernandez and her family.

After Kibby's July arrest, detectives spent a large amount of time searching his trailer and a storage building behind it. It isn't known exactly where Abigail Hernandez spent her time, but it is believed she at least spent some of her captivity inside his trailer.

What a nightmare. Hopefully, this case will have a swift process so that Abigail Hernandez and her family can heal.

Lacy Langley
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