Abigail Breslin and Taylor Swift: Cat Fight?

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Abigail Breslin reportedly called Taylor Swift an "unstable cat lady" via social media, but when those who insinuated she'd slammed the singer took a closer look, it became clear that wasn't really the case at all.

In a tweet that has since been removed from her account, Abigail Breslin wrote, "Cuz darling I'm a nightmare dressed like an emotionally unstable cat lady." In the hook, Swift, 24, sings, "Cuz darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

Breslin was, in fact, modifying the lyrics to Taylor Swift's song 'Blank Space.'

She clarified in a new tweet for those who misinterpreted the initial one.

Abigail Breslin has actually dipped her toes in the music world with a new song called 'You Suck.' Both she and Taylor Swift are self-proclaimed cat ladies. Taylor has been spotted carrying one of her cats--Olivia Benson--with her in several photos. Breslin's cat has its own Twitter account.

Taylor Swift admits she likes her cats better than--or at least as much as--some people.

"I'm not going to compromise the happiness and independence that I've found for just anybody. The idea of a date gives me a partial panic attack!" she said during an interview with People magazine. "But I'm fine! I have two cats. That's all I need."

So there's clearly been no cat fight here. Abigail Breslin didn't diss Taylor Swift by calling her a crazy cat lady. And even if she had--the 'Shake It Off' singer probably wouldn't have taken the comment as an insult.

Kimberly Ripley
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