530 Fatties: Why You Shouldn't Feed Internet Trolls


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In 2014 there is something that everyone, no matter what their background, should know when it comes to navigating the world wide web.

What is this one unifying piece of knowledge?


Internet trolls will do anything for attention and enjoy inflicting emotional pain on as many people as possible.

Some "netizens" make it especially easy by insisting on responding to anything and everything these digital twerps do.

Research has shown that people who dedicate time and energy to trolling may possibly suffer from mental health issues.

Therefore, when someone takes the time and energy to put together a Facebook page called “530 Fatties”, there is no reason to expect anything good to come of it.

The page existed (it has since been pulled by Facebook) for the sole purpose of mocking morbidly obese persons located within California's 530 area code. Pictures of various individuals were posted, however no one featured on the page had given permission to the anonymous troll.

Surprise, surprise!

One young woman named Jessi Lynn Howell was shocked and humiliated after learning her old photo had been featured on the "530 Fatties" page.

It was especially jarring since Howell had gained weight for medical-related reasons. The teen has lost 50 lbs since October 2013, when the photo was taken.

Howell said the ugly incident has inspired her to speak out against cyber-bullying.

“I'm going to be that voice today for those people who don't have that voice,” said Howell.

Predictably, some people have tried to make the “530 Fatties” Facebook page a good thing. Concern trolls who, just like your textbook internet troll shouldn’t be fed either.

But if you must speak to these individuals, remind them that there was no love or concern that went into constructing this Facebook account. The person used false information and a disconnected phone number to construct their page.

This sort of cowardly behavior is typical of trolls, who wish to cause the maximum amount of annoyance and anger while avoiding personal accountability.

As the fight over the waistlines of Americans continues, there will be those who feel entitled to weigh however much they want because it’s no one’s business.

Their opponents? Those who feel they have every right to dictate how other Americans live their lives because of “tax dollars”!

The truth is that there will always be basement dwelling mouth-breathers waiting to stir up pointless drama among self-important nobodies needing to be right about someone else’s life choices on the internet.

In other words, plenty of people desperate to feed trolls like this even when they shouldn't.

Well played, anonymous troll.

Well played.

Image via Wikimedia Commons