50 Shades Trailer Prank On The Roots By Jimmy Fallon


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Everyone has been going gaga for popular Twilight fan fiction story Master of the Universe aka 50 Shades of Grey.

The trailer for the upcoming movie, which hits theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015, was released this past week and the horny housewives of the world flipped.

The teaser was THE most viewed trailer so far this year, having earned an impressive 18 million views within five days.

Not everyone is the intended target audience for this franchise.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that despite the buzz surrounding this movie not everyone has bothered with the trailer.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon learned that hip-hop/neo soul band The Roots had not seen the trailer. So he arranged for them to watch it on a laptop.

There were cameras recording the musicians (each member watched the clip separately) to get their “honest” reaction to the teaser trailer.

Everything seemed to be going well as each member was keenly focused on the footage.

But suddenly, the image of a smoldering Christian Grey was replaced with a creepy zombie woman!

It turns out that the gesture was all one big prank.

Predictably, The Roots members were scared practically to death (one reaction was particularly hilarious) by the joke.

It was all in good fun though, as Fallon called on an old school favorite for laughs.

The “jump-scare” video/game prank has been around for some time.

One popular version involved a maze that someone was expected to complete, and as soon as they did, an image of the demon-possessed little girl from the Exorcist would pop on the screen.

As for the Roots, they were good sports about the prank by Fallon, although it’s not certain any of them ever got a chance to see the rest of the trailer. After that scare, they probably just didn’t bother.

Member Questlove even acknowledged that he and the other members “got punked” via his Twitter account.

Image via YouTube