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Candy Corn Rises Above Adversity To Become The Most Searched For Halloween Candy On Yahoo Candy Corn Rises Above Adversity To Become The Most Searched For Halloween Candy On Yahoo

Candy corn gets a bad rap. Every Halloween, you’ll see posts start popping up all over the place decrying the classic candy for being the worst thing to ever grace this planet, or jokes about the world’s stock of candy …

Will Yahoo Abandon Search? Will Yahoo Abandon Search?

Reports indicate that Yahoo is considering unloading its search business, and focusing on its stronger media business. Last month, we reported on rumors that Yahoo’s “Search Alliance” with Microsoft may not play out for its full ten years. Motivity Marketing …

Yahoo Search BOSS Documentation Released to Developers

Last month, Yahoo announced pricing info and search advertising/branding policies for the upcoming version of Yahoo Search BOSS, which is expected to be released this summer. Now, the company has released the technical documentation for developers. 

Yahoo Pushes Out the New Search Design
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Along with Yahoo’s big new "Y!ou" campaign, the company has begun rolling out the new Yahoo Search.

Yahoo Unveils New Search Design
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Yahoo discussed the future of Yahoo Search today. They are launching a new search design that goes along with the new look of the Yahoo Home Page, which was recently launched itself.

The new search has a three-column layout (Search Engine Land has a bunch of screenshots), with most of the changes occurring in the left-hand column. This is where filters and search applications reside.

Yahoo Announces Search Index Update

Around March 27th or so, people began noticing big changes in Yahoo’s search results. Some were seeing improved rankings, and some were seeing their drop.

Yahoo SERP

Discussion at WebmasterWorld ranged from:

"Looks like I’ve lost more links on this update than last, which is worrying…"


Yahoo to Start Keeping Tabs on Your Searches
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I got in touch with a couple of people from Yahoo including Tom Chi, Senior Director of Product Management for Yahoo Search, about their new feature called Search Pad. Essentially, it keeps track of your searches, figures out when you are researching things, and stores results of interest in a virtual notepad you can use for reference. The following video will give you a pretty good idea of what it does:

Are You Fatigued By Search?
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Yahoo cited a study that found only 15 percent of searchers find what they want with the first search they perform.

Yahoo Search Apologizes To Rand Fishkin
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Rand’s fianc

Yahoo Unleashes New Search Crawler

Yahoo Slurp may be showing up heavily in access logs around the web, as the company gave the new spider a workout alongside the old spider before retiring the previous Slurp.

Yahoo Search SDK Updated

Newer libraries and new languages for Yahoo Search’s software development kit have brought support for Ruby, Lua, and Ajax widgets to developers.