Candy Corn Rises Above Adversity To Become The Most Searched For Halloween Candy On Yahoo

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Candy corn gets a bad rap. Every Halloween, you'll see posts start popping up all over the place decrying the classic candy for being the worst thing to ever grace this planet, or jokes about the world's stock of candy corn all being made in early 1920s. Well, I'm here today to reject those accusations, and the Yahoo search crowd is here to back me up.

The Yahoo search team revealed today that candy corn is standing tall and proud as the number one searched for candy this Halloween season. The delightfully sugary snack has proved yet again that the town criers trying to sully its good name just can't keep a good candy down. In fact, people aren't just searching for candy corn, but for terms like "candy corn cake," "candy corn oreos," and "candy corn jello shots." Of course, there are limits to my love of candy corn, and I'm pretty sure a candy corn jello shot crosses that line.

To celebrate candy corn's victory, check out this video from Food Network's Unwrapped that dispels the horrible myth that all candy corn was made in the early 20th century:

So, what other candies are being searched for this Halloween season? Yahoo says that the populace are looking into classic standbys like Hershey chocolate and Pay Day, and even non-traditional Halloween candies like Skittles. They aren't nearly as classic as candy corn, but a Halloween full of Pay Day bars and candy corn would be a good Halloween indeed.

Oh, and you may argue that candy corn has become the most searched for candy on Yahoo only because people are searching for how awful it is. Well, hate to break it you, but Yahoo users understand the true glory of candy corn:

Candy Corn Rises Above Adversity

But we can just ignore these results:

Candy Corn Rises Above Adversity

At least (most) Google users know what's up:

Candy Corn Overcomes Adversity

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