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Will The Next Xbox Be Called The Xbox Fusion?

It’s pretty much a given that the next Xbox won’t be called the Xbox 720. As for the actual name, we just don’t know yet. Some have speculated that it would be called the Xbox 8 or Xbox Infinity, but …

Is Xbox 8 The Next Xbox Or Just A Windows Tie-In?
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We’ve been hearing on and off again rumors about the next Xbox and what it’s going to entail. We first got word that its codename is “Durango” at Microsoft and then a leaked document confirmed much of what we had …

Xbox 8: When Microsoft Secures Domain Names, Speculation is Inevitable
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The next Xbox console — Durango, or Xbox 720, depending on who you talk to — probably won’t hit retail shelves until the end of 2013, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating wildly about the magical delights the machine …