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Wayne Brady Raps, White People Dance in New Wii Party U Ad

For nearly one year now, Nintendo has struggled to sell its Wii U console. The lack of must-have games for the system has created apathy for gamers, who are now looking forward to two competitor consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This, just as Nintendo is finally getting some fun-looking games for the Wii U. Nintendo last week released Wii Party …

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Wii Party U Gets A New Trailer Ahead Of Launch

Mario Party has always been the go-to party game on Nintendo consoles ever since the first game in the franchise appeared on the Nintendo 64. Since then, every Nintendo console has received a Mario Party game within the first few years of its lifespan, but that’s all changing with the Wii U. Later this month, Nintendo will release its first …

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Check Out These Trailers For Two Upcoming Wii U Games

I think we can firmly say that the great Wii U drought is finally over. Nintendo is releasing at least one strong first-party title a month and will do so up through February of next year. In fact, Nintendo has released two new trailers for titles coming out this year and next. First up is the latest trailer for Wii …

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