Wii Party U Gets A New Trailer Ahead Of Launch


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Mario Party has always been the go-to party game on Nintendo consoles ever since the first game in the franchise appeared on the Nintendo 64. Since then, every Nintendo console has received a Mario Party game within the first few years of its lifespan, but that's all changing with the Wii U.

Later this month, Nintendo will release its first real party game for the Wii U with the appropriately titled Wii Party U. The game will feature all the crazy mini-games you've come to expect from the likes of Mario Party, but with the generic aesthetics of Nintendo's Miis.

Even if it doesn't have the aesthetics of a Mario Party game, it doesn't matter as long as the game is fun, right? Well, the latest trailer for Wii Party U doesn't really sell the fun factor as much as it does the fact that it's the first Wii U games since Nintendo Land that can get five people around the TV to play mini-games together. Unlike Nintendo Land, however, the games in Wii Party U are meant to be played in rapid succession.

Wii Party U will be a great game to get for your Wii U if you happen to have a lot of friends. If you don't, it might still be worth getting for the pack-in Wii Remote Plus if you don't have that many. In that sense, Wii Party U may become the next Wii Play - minus the millions upon millions in sales numbers.

Wii Party U launches exclusively for the Wii U on October 25.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]