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Midwest Clipper Sends Students Googling

Every morning I like to visit at Google’s Hot Trends page to see what’s on the minds of searchers out there. Usually it’s reflective of the morning news, but this morning it read like a school closings report.

Weather Channel Ready For Some Football

The Weather Channel has added forecast videos for NFL cities to its website, as they tap the League’s popularity while adding some trivia to their weather reports.

Google Earth Gets Real-Weather Update

The weather can cause a lot of headaches, and due to its questionable reliability, a new weather-related update to Google Earth might also become a source of frustration.  But with options like “Clouds,” “Radar,” and “Conditions and Forecasts,” the update’s cool factor is likely to outweigh any complaints.

Yahoo Search Update Nearing Completion

The latest changes to Yahoo’s search engine should be wrapping up soon, the company said on the Yahoo Search blog.

MySpace, Weather Channel Make Friends
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When I’m feeling surrounded by bad sitcoms, stupid movies, and unimportant news, I can (assuming I don’t grab a book or turn to my computer) count on The Weather Channel to provide me with a reliable viewing experience.  And now MySpace users can count on a sort of online equivalent.

The Weather Channel Acquires Three Sites

The Weather Channel Interactive announced today that it has purchased Weather Bonk, a Web 2.0 property that features user generated content and partner content, links to other sites, along with current weather conditions and forecasts.

Real Weather Comes To Virtual Football

EA Sports title NCAA Football 08 connects to The Weather Channel to make game conditions reflect the real weather in the home team’s city.

Msnbc.com And The Weather Channel Partner

The Weather Channel Interactive (TWCI) and msnbc.com have teamed to provide users with access to weather.com content through msnbc.com’s Weather section.

Ask3D Cuts Back On ‘Search Skim’

The product managers for Ask.com’s revamped interface and presentation contend their design helps cut back on the wasted effort searchers expend when looking for good search results.

When The Weather’s Bad, People Shop More Online

If there’s a wicked storm going on (like the one raging outside the WebProNews offices at this very moment), then expect your online store to see a spike in activity.

AOL Takes Over Third Screen

I don’t know anything about numerology, but this seems like an odd coincidence: as announced on The Third World blog, Third Screen Media has been acquired by AOL, the company of three letters.

Who Gets the Majority of Your On-line Attention?

It just occurred to me that if I look at the on-line services I used most, there’s not really a clear winner when it comes to who gets the bulk of my online attention. Here’s the current list along with the current owner of each (since 3 of the 4 were acquisitions):

The Weather Channel Enters Second Life

The Weather Channel has become the latest company to announce the creation of a virtual headquarters in the popular virtual world Second Life. "Weather Island" will be available to gamers starting today.

The island will be the headquarters for The Weather Channel and offer an extreme sports park as well as a destination to screen episodes of the new program "Epic Conditions."

Virtual Earth Watches The Weather Channel

A new tool from The Weather Channel utilizes Microsoft’s Virtual Earth to let visitors drift through the clouds and weather systems from the desktop.

Google – Cultural Digital Archive?

Marc’s The Video Library of Alexandria post on O’Reilly Radar connected a set of dots for me that I can’t believe I never connected on my own.

In that, it certainly seems like an appropriate purchase for Google, much like DejaNews before it.

Shouldn’t We Blog About The Weather?

Winter time brings plenty of concerns about the weather. The Weather Channel has a little widget to add to blogs, showing the weather for the location picked by the site publisher.

MapQuest Has Gas. Prices, That Is

Online driving direction and map finder MapQuest has added tools to help people find per-gallon prices that do the least damage to one’s bank account.

Google Foes Shifting Tactics

Topix.net’s Rich Skrenta said that Google is the environment and not the competition in search; Yahoo, Ask, and Microsoft have been working to define a new environment where the top of the search results delivers what a person wants to know.

Microsofties Hit By Horrible Weather

Seattle was hit bad by violent winds and power outages over the weekend, and Microsoft’s employees blogged their experiences (in many cases only after days of waiting for the power to return). Todd Bishop has a rundown.

Google, Yahoo Offer Search Weather Reports

Both search engines have had updates taking place, with Yahoo issuing its customary “weather report” while Matt Cutts at Google discusses their latest tweaks.

Search Marketing Links

Matt asks for your favorite Web 2.0 companies. Here’s a huge list from Seth Godin and another from SEOMoz.