Weather Channel on YouTube Still Streaming Hurricane Sandy Coverage

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Hurricane Sandy, the "superstorm" of 2012 hit the East coast of the U.S. yesterday, causing flooding and power outages in highly populated areas such as New York City. The storm is still sitting over the Northeast U.S., dropping rain and snow on places as far apart as West Virginia and Northern Michigan.

Whether you can't get enough pictures of flooded New York subway tunnels or you simply love seeing weather reporters standing in Battery Park being buffeted by high wind and rain, continuing coverage of Hurricane Sandy can be seen here on YouTube, where The Weather Channel is streaming 24-hour coverage of the storm.

Hurricane Sandy has disrupted the lives of millions throughout the U.S. Northeast. A record storm surge contributed to flooding in New York and New Jersey. Photos of a darkened Midtown Manhattan showed up online last night as millions of residents went without power, and a photo of water inundating the One World Trade Center construction site demonstrated the extent of the flooding.

Though premature reports of flooding on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange proved false, U.S. trading remains suspended for a second day.

The hurricane has also contributed to blizzard-like conditions throughout the Appalachian mountains. Snow is predicted to fall for at least another day in states such as West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. According to The Weather Channel, at least one county in Maryland has already reported 26 inches of snow. Like many eastern states, a state of emergency has been declared throughout West Virginia, where many residents are without power.

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