Netflix Said To Be In Talks With Vodafone

Netflix Said To Be In Talks With Vodafone

By Chris Crum April 18, 2014

Netflix might be on the verge of expanding its services to yet another customer base. AdAge is reporting that the company is in talks with Vodafone to offer its subscribers access to its streaming service. This one sounds interesting, because …

Complaint About Siri In Britain Rejected Complaint About Siri In Britain Rejected

Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has struck down a complaint about Siri, the personal assistant software on the iPhone 4S. The frustrated iPhone owner complained that Siri was not able to direct him to businesses in his area, despite advertising …

Yoda Vodafone Ad Taps Jedi Power Yoda Vodafone Ad Taps Jedi Power

Vodafone has a new ad for its “Red Box” service, featuring a Windows Phone and Yoda from that movie about that guy with the 70’s haircut in a galaxy far, far away. It’s been out for at least a few …

Vodafone CEO Warns Of Google Dominance
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The world’s second largest mobile operator is not pleased with Google’s dominance in the search and advertising market.  In fact, Vodafone’s CEO implied in a recent speech that regulators might want to act sooner rather than later to prevent an irreversible monopoly from forming.

Google Unveils Nexus One “Super Phone”

Update 3: Google is now advertising the Nexus One on its homepage.

Update 2: They have also posted a video showing Google Maps on the Nexus One:

Yahoo May Be Working On Vodafone Search Deal
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On the last day of 2008, Vodafone, the mobile telecommunications company, had 289 million customers.  Now, a new report indicates that Yahoo might be on its way to becoming Vodafone’s default search provider in Europe. 

Vodafone, T-Mobile, Battle Over iPhone Terms

Vodafone sought an injunction in Germany that would prevent Apple’s partner, T-Mobile, from selling the iPhone while tied exclusively to T-Mobile’s service.

Vodafone Forms Irish Alliance With Google, Others

Your average news bulletin may say something about Corporation X partnering with sites Y and Z, and your average response may be a shrug – X, Y, and Z often represent companies you’ve never heard of.  But in this case, Vodafone has sealed a deal with Google, YouTube, eBay, and MySpace.

Vodafone, Others Flee Facebook Over BNP Ads
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Before today, I don’t think I’d ever heard of the British National Party – guess I need to brush up on my racist, far-right organizations.  But it would seem that Vodafone and five other major corporations know the name, and they pulled out of deals with Facebook after their ads were placed on the BNP’s profile page.

Vodafone Considers Verizon Takeover?

When you read phrases like "leverage takeover" and "growing group of rebel shareholders" in the financial world, it gets your attention. If the rumor that Vodafone is planning a Verizon buyout, it’ll get everybody’s attention.

Cerf Disconnects Google Phone Rumors

Last week, a high-ranking Google executive confirmed that the search engine company is developing a mobile phone.  Now another exec – one with even more influence – has denied the rumors.  “[B]ecoming an equipment manufacturer is pretty far from our business model,” said Vinton Cerf.

Skype, Vodafone Move Forward Together?

Vodafone’s getting deeper and deeper into this whole Internet thing – the latest reports indicate that the company is exploring options with MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.  It has also displayed several mobile phones designed to work with Skype, and has presented some VoIP technology.

Vodafone, Google Make Mobile Maps

Vodafone and Google have announced plans “to develop a location-based version of Google Maps for mobile,” which should present users with a range of local search and navigation options.

Americans may be out of luck, however – the two companies only mentioned “key European markets” in an official statement.

Mobile Video Sharing

Orb Networks, a software development firm has announced a new service called MyCasting, which allows users to share Internet videos from their PCs to mobile phones, by text message links. User can watch videos from popular sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Google and Yahoo.

"Demand for Internet video on the PC is insatiable with more than 100 million streams daily on YouTube alone and many of those streams are being forwarded and shared virally via email and IM," said Joe Costello, Chairman and CEO of Orb Networks.

Social Networking Continues Mobile Push

Vodafone and MySpace announced a deal today to provide social networking services to European customers for the first time. This move is representative of a continued push into the mobile marketplace by social networking services, along with their advertising partners.

Stake Your Claim on the Mobile Web

With the Internet growing so rapidly do you ever wonder if you are missing a new trend or technology that could boost your bottom line?

Gmail Mobile Is Great!

I’ve been trying out the new Gmail Mobile email service on my mobile phone.