Salma Hayek Calls Hollywood Sexism “Incredible Ignorance”

Salma Hayek Calls Hollywood Sexism “Incredible Ignorance”

By Lacy Langley May 20, 2015

Salma Hayek was on hand Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival to offer her opinion on the gender-biased situation in Hollywood. Salma Hayek was on location at the festival to support her film, A Tale of Tales. At an event …

Draw Something TV Show Coming to CBS Draw Something TV Show Coming to CBS

Draw Something was the mobile gaming phenomenon of spring 2012. The game surged in popularity this past March, with more than 50 million people playing the game at one point. The game became so popular that the biggest name in …

Seth MacFarlane’s Rejected Trade Ad Seth MacFarlane’s Rejected Trade Ad

Seth MacFarlane tried to run this ad in the entertainment-trade papers in L.A. a couple of days ago. They rejected it. Instead he sent out mailers with the above on the front and this image on the inside: (image) This …

Variety Partners With Fizziology On Popular Movies In Social Media

Social media  research company Fizziology, has partnered with Variety to create a weekly chart of the most popular movies in social media.

The Weekly Fizz10, Fizziology’s proprietary chart of the 10 ten movies in social media, will appear every Wednesday on Variety.com. The partnership also includes the use of additional Fizziology social media data.

Variety Moves Into Social Networking
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Variety magazine has launched a social networking site called "the Biz" which will be focused on the entertainment business.

The Biz

The site focuses on three main areas.  Connect: Find colleagues, peers and mentors in the entertainment industry. Networking made easy. Careers: Meet professionals directly inside entertainment. Recruit new talent. Search for jobs, promotions or projects.

Yahoo Music Exec Goes Country

Jay Frank of Yahoo Music has traded in Silicon Valley hipness for Nashville cool as he becomes the latest executive at Yahoo to bail out of the company.

Feed Optimization Tip: Don’t Forget FeedFlare

FeedBurner is the only service (that I know of) that will re-publish a blogs feed in order to get feed stats. Being such a great service, many users use it only to figure out how many readers their blogs have.

Variety EIC Attacks Movie Blogs
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Longtime Hollywood insider and Variety editor in chief Peter Bart took on the blogosphere and the rights of bloggers with a decidedly negative take; a pair of movie bloggers took him to the editing room and trimmed him down to size.

Google Phone Might Use Wi-Fi?

Google has grown by doing things differently than the status quo, and if they do introduce a phone they may buck current practice there, too.

YouTube Takes Down Oscar Clips
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This year’s Academy Awards were particularly sweet for director Martin Scorsese, who received his first Oscar in five nominations for his behind the camera work in The Departed, which was also awarded the Oscar for Best Picture.

Unfortunately for Scorsese, he won’t be able to relive the moment on YouTube or any other video sharing site anytime soon.

Anthony Cumia Shows You How To Install Vista

I’m a huge fan of the Opie & Anthony radio program on XM Satellite Radio, have been for years, and over the last week, I’ve heard show host Anthony talking about his experiences with Windows Vista.

Anthony’s had a lot of trouble, running into unsigned drivers, video card drivers that have worse performance in Vista than in XP, and a constant Blue Screen of Death before every install.

Google Reader – The Next Digg?

Steve Rubel and a variety of others are opining that Google Reader could be turned into the next Digg. Oh, I so so so agree with that!

Visitors Value Video Viewing Variety

A survey by AOL and AP found that 54 percent of Internet users have watched or downloaded a video clip.

Cutts Less Kidnapped, More Video-y
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Google’s Matt Cutts continues his SEO video tutorials, which began over the weekend, adding six more short segments. Apparently the first three were a hit.

AMD Can Subpoena Firms For Intel Suit

Third parties that received subpoenas from AMD for its antitrust case against Intel had been reluctant to comply, citing non-disclosure agreements with Intel.

Gates Dismissive Of Google

Bill Gates thinks that users should benefit from using one search engine or another, and predicts price competition could emerge as engines bid for users.

Yahoo Follows Google On SMS Search

The two search engine competitors now have a match in the SMS search space, where text messages can retrieve information to mobile phones.