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Your Next Android Phone May Come With An Ubuntu PC

Android is pretty versatile as far as operating systems go. It can be a lot of things, but we still haven’t seen Android take on the PC space in a big way just yet. Ubuntu might just change that. Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions available, will soon be available on Android phones sporting multi-core processors. The application …

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Valve Prepares Steam’d Penguins For Linux Gamers

We brought you word a few months ago that Valve was bringing their popular digital game delivery service, Steam, to Linux. The news came from Michael Larabel, founder of Phoronix, who had been invited to Valve Headquarters to help along the development of Valve games for Linux. For their part, Valve had been quiet on the matter until now. With …

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Goobuntu: When Google Makes Its Own Ubuntu

Before Linux started to invade every facet of our lives while displaying its majesty to the everyday user, it was an operating system that developers swore by. They still do and that’s why Ubuntu and other derivatives are used throughout the workplace of programmers big and small. One of the biggest is Google and they even have their own custom …

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Ubuntu 12.04 Beta: Canonical’s New Linux Desktop

At first, when Unity (Gnome’s replacement in Ubuntu 11x) came to fruition, I could not stand it. I had been used to Gnome being standard in all of the latest Ubuntu releases up until that time (even though in some releases, you could toggle between the two). Now, as I am sure along with most Ubuntu users, I am pretty …

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CES 2012: Ubuntu TV Coming Soon

Ubuntu, usually known for being the most popular implementation of the open-source Linux operating system, is getting into the TV business. Canonical, the group behind Ubuntu’s continued development, is showing off a prototype Ubuntu TV at this year’s CES. Ubuntu TV promises to simplify and streamline users’ entertainment experience, providing them with a one-stop shop for broadcast TV, cable, streaming …

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