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Tag: Ubuntu

Update Your Linux Installation to Fix ‘Looney Tunables’ Flaw
The world's major Linux distros have released patches to address a security flaw impacting nearly all of them....
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Ubuntu Users Uniquely Vulnerable to Linux Kernel Security Flaws
A new report says nearly 40% of Ubuntu users are vulnerable to a pair of kernel vulnerabilities unique to Ubuntu and its derivative distributions....
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Why Canonical’s Snap-Based Immutable Ubuntu Is a Good Idea
Immutability and snaps are two of the most controversial elements in the Linux community, but Ubuntu may achieve a winning formula by combining both....
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Zorin OS 16.3 Is Now Available
One of the best Linux distros for new users just received an update, with Zorin OS 16.3 released with new apps, security improvements, and more....
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Ubuntu 23.10’s App Store Will Block DEB Files When a Snap Is Available
Canonical continues to push forward with its adoption of snap, revealing .deb version of an app will not be available in Ubuntu's app store if a snap ...
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Linux Distro Reviews: Linux Mint
Linux Mint is one of the most heavily recommended Linux distros available, especially for users switching from Windows. Does Linux Mint live up to tha...
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An Immutable All-Snap Ubuntu Desktop Is Coming Next Year
Ubuntu plans to release an all-snap immutable version of Ubuntu for the desktop, a move that could be a turning point for the Linux distro....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Pop!_OS
Pop!_OS is something of a unicorn in the Linux world, a distro that a hardware maker develops in an effort to offer a fully integrated experience....
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Linux Distro Reviews: KDE Neon
KDE Neon is the official KDE distro and one of the more unusual Linux distros, especially among those based on Ubuntu....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Kubuntu
Kubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros, especially among those running the KDE desktop environment (DE), and for good reason....
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Learn Linux TV Releases Ubuntu Flatpak Remix Distro
Jay from the Learn Linux TV YouTube channel has released an Ubuntu-based distro built around Flatpaks....
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Ubuntu Flavors Drop OOTB Flatpak Support
Ubuntu has made yet another controversial decision, dropping out-of-the-box (OOTB) support for Flatpak apps....
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System76 Debuts Updated AMD-Based Pangolin Linux Laptop
System76 has unveiled a new and updated version of the Pangolin, its AMD-based Linux laptop....
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Ubuntu Pro Is Now Available to Everyone
Canonical has announced the general availability of Ubuntu Pro, a security subscription service for the popular Linux distro....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Gnome
Gnome is the most popular desktop environment (DE) available for Linux, but it is easily the most controversial and the hardest to rate....
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Ubuntu’s Canonical Throws Its Weight Behind the Unity Desktop…Again
Canonical has announced Ubuntu Unity will once again be an official flavor of the venerable Linux distribution (distro)....
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Nvidia Is Finally Open-Sourcing Its Linux GPU Kernel Drivers
Nvidia is — at long last — open-sourcing its GPU kernel drivers for Linux, potentially ending a major pain point for users....
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Microsoft Edge for Linux Getting Sign-In and Sync Support
Microsoft is adding sign-in and sync support to the Linux version of its Edge web browser....
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Linux Mint May Resort to Windows 10-Style Forced Updates
Linux Mint is considering measures to keep users up-to-date, including Windows 10-style forced updates....
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Corellium Successfully Runs Ubuntu Linux on M1 Mac
Corellium has announced it has Ubuntu Linux running on an M1 Mac, in what is described as a “completely usable” experience....
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