Microsoft Edge for Linux Getting Sign-In and Sync Support

Microsoft is adding sign-in and sync support to the Linux version of its Edge web browser.

Linux Mint May Resort to Windows 10-Style Forced Updates

Linux Mint is considering measures to keep users up-to-date, including Windows 10-style forced updates.

Corellium Successfully Runs Ubuntu Linux on M1 Mac

Corellium has announced it has Ubuntu Linux running on an M1 Mac, in what is described as a “completely usable” experience.

Flutter Can Now Be Used to Create Ubuntu Linux Apps

Canonical and Google have partnered to add Linux as one of the target platforms for the Flutter framework.

Canonical Announces Anbox Cloud: ‘Scalable Android In The Cloud’

Canonical, the makers of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, have announced the release of Anbox Cloud, a “scalable android in the cloud” platform, according to a press release. Anbox Cloud will enable “enterprises and service providers to deliver mobile applications…

Percona XtraDB Cluster, Toolkit For MySQL and XtraBackup Included In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Percona recently announced that Percona XtraDB Cluster, Percona Toolkit for MySQL, and Percona XtraBackup are now included in the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support) release of Linux. Percona XtraDB Cluster is also now certified for the Red Hat Enterprise…

Ubuntu Touch Finally Has Hardware Partners

Last year, Canonical unveiled its plan to upend the mobile industry with Ubuntu Touch. The mobile friendly version of Linux already runs on a wide variety of Android devices, but the company wants to start producing Ubuntu Touch hardware as…

Ubuntu 13.10 Is Now Available, Supports Nexus Devices

In February, Canonical announced that Ubuntu would make its way to mobile devices in October. Since then, it’s been a crazy year for the Linux-distribution, from a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign that ultimately failed to a big push in getting Ubuntu…

Ubuntu Edge Doesn’t Reach $32 Million In Funding, Canonical Remains Optimistic

The Ubuntu Edge was a highly ambitious smartphone with an equally ambitious Indiegogo campaign. Canonical hoped to raise $32 million in a month to fund the creation of what it saw as the future of smartphones, but it only managed…

Ubuntu Wants $32 Million To Make A Smartphone

Ubuntu announced earlier this year that it was bringing its unique flavor of Linux to smartphones and tablets. At the time, it said that it was working with carriers to bring hardware to the market. Now it’s taking its plea…